Voltrx protein shaker let me start to re-examine made in China

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  Somehow, the simplicity of the twisted shape of the cup can do all the work of the electric shaker bottle with only one small ball. I have always hated cleaning steel balls, so when I made protein shakes the other day, I couldn’t find the balls, only the cups. Then, I decided to find another one on Amazon. I found this by accident and read the comments. I want to give it a try. I can easily return items that do not meet the requirements, but this method is effective.

protein shaker bottle walmart

  Voltrx protein shaker not only blends everything perfectly, but also easy to clean. I opened my stuff 30 minutes ago, and I finished my first vanilla protein shake, and I had to write a comment in a hurry. This is a bonus that everyone might not have thought of. When you use the shaker ball type, then add fruit slices (fresh blueberries) like I did just now. When you drink fruit, the fruit will be entangled in the ball. not here. Every time I take a sip, I will encounter one or two blueberries. This is really great. Oh, it is made in China. I don’t believe in China Plastics.

I doubt it, but this water bottle shaker is really good
The best Shaker Bottle ever

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