VOLTRX protein shaker electric is strong, cute and classic.

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  The shaker bottle electric is very strong, and it bounces really well in it! For six months, I made protein shakes every day and tried to stir it myself. I can’t believe the electric shaker bottle makes my life so easy. I am actually afraid of mixing protein shakes during protein shake time, and I would not buy an ordinary Voltrx electric blender bottle for milk shakes. When I first used it, I couldn’t believe that the mixing ball inside was so easy to use. I am very happy to get it, and hope to get it sooner.

  I like to use a protein shaker, it’s good, no problem. Very durable, I have withstood the test. One disadvantage is that if you don’t clean it in the dishwasher, it will leave the powder in the small groove on the lid.

  The color of protein shaker electric is very good, and everything is well packaged without leakage. Very suitable for mixing protein shakes. I think the mixing bottle is the most effective, the best and the cleanest of all the shakers I have tried.

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In my opinion, the original VOLTRX electric shakers are definitely the best protein shakers

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