VOLTRX protein shaker bottle is multi-use, portable and stylish, fits in the cup compartment of your car!

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  One of the best electric shaker purchases I’ve made in a long time. I’m a college student on a budget, so I needed something to carry around that didn’t hurt (I have a huge backpack full of books and a 40oz water tank). I’m a sucker for multipurpose items that are just perfect.

  So this electric shaker bottle is , first of all, very light. As others have mentioned, the quality of the electric blender bottle could be better, but if you take good care of it, it will work just fine. Only the cup portion totals 16 ounces. I went ahead and used the mini magic bullet to make a milkshake because of the addition of something that the whisk couldn’t mix. The whole drink is in this cup.

  Secondly, it has two container compartments that can be attached at the same time. I only use the larger snacks like nuts, but you can also put some chopped fruit. The second connectable container is slightly smaller, but still holds some mixed nuts or pills.

  It has a great little handle as shown in the picture. I haven’t tried hitting the electric mixer bottle since I pre-mixed my milkshakes.

  Overall, I love this electric paint shaker and will be using it this fall semester!

  I have had this electric shaker cup for over a year now. I have to say it is my favorite. I’ve used it over 100 times. It supports, supports my morning glory pills and is very durable. I think the fact that I can carry three different drinks and shakes at the same time is great because I have a morning pre-shake, then a pre-workout shake, then a post-workout shake. electric paint shaker machine never leaks, doesn’t fall apart, no odor. One of the few shakers that I really like.

Great electronic blender bottle, great for mixing, practical for stacking portable blender bottles, great!
If you are on the go, VOLTRX blender cups are a very convenient product!

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