VOLTRX protein shaker bottle, essential for fitness

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Protein shakers are often used in life. Stir in protein powder, instant coffee, etc. The stirring rod is not convenient to carry, so there are many cups with stirring function, but after using it for a period of time, you will find that these products bring convenience and new troubles. ——The electric mixing cup is not durable, the mixing ball has too many dead corners, and it is easy to produce peculiar smell if it is not clean.

Say goodbye to mixing balls, mixing wheels, and mixing sticks! out of battery! Easy to clean with zero dead ends! Shake protein powder in under 30 seconds, relying entirely on the ingenious mechanical design! You can also mash soft fruits like bananas, blueberries, cranberries, etc. Then put them in a bottle and stir with milk to make a fruit smoothie!

Protein, vitamins, water and great taste are essential to add more nutrients to the body. Fill the whole person with energy.

At the same time, you can use a protein shaker to shake out dense and smooth milk foam to make exquisite coffee. You can make your favorite shakes in an electric spray bottle at home. Do-it-yourself saves money and is healthy.

The protein shaker comes with a sturdy handle that can be hung and lifted. Very convenient to carry.

The smooth push cap is completely sealed and ready to drink after being pushed open. But charging with a USB charger is easy. Definitely easier than a traditional blender, the inward swirling vortex mixes the powder better. Very satisfied with the purchase. I’m glad I spent more money on the charging model.

The electric shaker bottle is sealed and shaken vigorously without splashing water. There is a volume scale on the inner wall, which can be brewed according to the proportion. Shaker bottle electric are quieter than shakers with spherical agitators, and the agitator motor also really charges. I only put in powder and jam. Ice or other hard or insoluble things are not recommended.

Fitness experts recommend: VOLTRX electric shaker bottle for fitness exercise
Why do fitness professionals only use VOLTRX protein shake blender

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