voltrx protein bottle is so easy to use, it is the best one I have ever used

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  When I was motivated to exercise more and drink more healthy drinks, I bought this for myself. Like it, use it every day. I am not the only one who likes it. My mother took it, and I haven’t seen it in months. Find the electric protein shaker bottle, wash it, and put it in the cabinet. My father took it away, and I haven’t seen it again since. My only problem is the difficulty of opening and closing, but I think it should be like this, because you are shaking. Use vortex protein shaker.

  I use this electric protein shaker every day. It’s been a week and it’s great.


  won’t spill out (I almost filled the rim with an electric shaker bottle)

  there is a handle to hold the bottle, not your whole hand

  The logo does not fade or peel off.

  The  electric shaker arrived intact, and it looked brand new after three weeks! Even though it was used the dishwasher many times, the image did not fade or crack. As other reviewers have pointed out, opening/closing the lid of the drinking spout is a bit difficult, but I hope it will wear out in time. I might eventually buy more because the electronic blender bottle is so cute!

voltrx blender bottles didn’t let me down, it worked really well
Voltrx electric blender bottle is very convenient to use and highly recommended

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