Posted on: June 26, 2021 Posted by: voltrx Comments: 0
miixr aa electric shaker bottle

  This electric shaker bottle is great! Before buying something, I always read reviews on Amazon. But usually don’t stay by yourself. But I think I must do this. This electric shaker is very useful! When you finish shaking it, there are actually no lumps. It makes the protein more tolerant. Great electric protein shaker bottle, will buy more!

  The lid is not as independent as the brand of the mixed bottle. I have used two protein shake mixers. In the long run, the caps always seem to separate. This bottle is very promising. The best electric shaker bottle I have ever used!

  I like this protein shaker bottle. I have used it for a few months, and I use it for all fitness-related things. BCAAS, creatine, protein, everything. I saw someone complaining, “It didn’t mix protein in my cold milk/water”. Uh, that was Science 101. I use room temperature water for everything. The electric shaker bottle works like a charm.