Voltrx milk water bottle innovation and economy

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  Two electric protein mixer bottles per pack, each bottle is only slightly more than one liter.

  This set of electric protein mixers is very convenient because they are suitable to be carried around, and can also be carried with you with water, smoothies or any prepared items.

  Each electric protein mixer consists of several parts. On the one hand, there are threads on the cap, which can work perfectly; there will be no problems when closing the cap; there is an anti-drip system; there is also a cap on the cap, which is a bottle cap, very suitable, no air outlet, and a handle. Very small.

  The main body of the electric protein mixer is translucent and has a measurable scale. Inside, we found a mixing ball, which will come in handy when we need to prepare food supplements.

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  Finally, in the lower part, we have a compartment fixed at the bottom of the bottle, where protein powder can be mixed with any other products while drinking.

  The whole device is made of polypropylene, BPA-free, and can be put into the dishwasher without any problem.

  From the first impact, you will immediately realize that the premium protein fitness premium shaker bottle has resistance and good sealing. In fact, no drop will be lost during transportation or use!

  There are two containers in the compartment below the storage tank, which is very convenient. One container allows you to transport powder (can hold about 100 grams), and the other container has four slots for refilling pills.

  700ml capacity can not only dissolve the classic 25g protein load, but also dissolve the collector that needs to be diluted in more liquid. But it also affects the size, which is actually quite large.

  Among all the products displayed on the Internet, I would say that this is the cheapest. You can buy two vibrating screens for about 14 euros, which is basically the average price of a single vibrating screen. Respectful!

Good liquid and powder capacity. Sanitary, practical, efficient and multifunctional shake bottle mixer
voltrx blender bottles work shockingly

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