voltrx harry potter shaker bottle is shockingly good

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  So I am used to the typical funny shaker bottle. They have been with me for many years, but to be honest, they are just “good”. I saw this bottle and saw the video of them shaking the peanut butter and said. Hey, why not. I lost some shakers when I moved recently and need to be replaced. Although these are much more expensive.

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  Having said that, I am not disappointed. These ideas are amazing! They actually changed my pre-workout habits (yes, I am a high school student and prefer to mix in water), so that the last point is always foam. After I exercise, shake milk is usually a mixture of two or three different supplements, so it tends to get stuck at the bottom. Finally, you have to use a knife or other things to replenish the older ones, especially if you pour water behind the powder. Not these. I even tried to get an item wet because it was washed, but the item can still be taken out.

  Yes, to answer your question, you can put the peanut butter directly into the electric shaker bottle and shake it well. Will combine 0 questions. Would recommend 10/10.

Voltrx protein shaker makes your life easy and peaceful
This voltrx protein shaker is really great

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