VOLTRX blender bottles Very smart design and easy to use

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  This electric blender bottles/storage combo is exactly what I needed. It is an excellent medium sized shaker with two removable storage containers and a hidden pill box. I put my super veggie mix in one container, put some vitamins in the pill holder, and screwed them all into the bottom of the electric spray can shaker. Now I’m ready to get to work.

  The pill container is safely hidden in any electric protein mixer. There are two different sizes of storage containers that can be used together (interconnected) or separately. portable blender bottle even has a ledge inside that allows you to store one storage container in the electric shaker bottles and the other can be screwed to the bottom so the whole assembly doesn’t get too high.

Gym must-have tool-VOLTRX protein bottle
VOLTRX protein shaker bottle works very well and is recommended!

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