Very suitable for my powder/water mixture before work

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  These protein shake blenders are well-made and versatile. There is an extra screw on these cups or compartments. Screws or screws are fixed at the bottom, you can install protein powder or tonic, dry and fix it until needed. These balls with agitator can mix any powder thoroughly without any effort.

  If someone takes noon medicine, especially those that need to be taken with food, this will be a perfect solution. Simply put the meal replacement powder into the bottle, put the medicine into the screw in the cup, and then simply add the liquid and shake it to easily solve the medication situation in the meal.

small blender bottle

  I’m not sure I want to use blender bottles and solid balls as a morning milkshake, but this is a better protein shake blend than my old blender bottles-and no lumps. Screwing is easier than my old glass shaker bottle. I like to store the protein powder and almond milk or water separately. Each part is washed in the upper level of the sink.

The voltrx protein shaker has a perfect shape and is suitable for car cup holders.
Such a useful voltrx protein bottle, I recommended it to my friends

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