These protein shake cups are really good

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  I bought this for my husband to use at work so that he won’t steal my things again. I have used it for more than two years, no problem. I think some people may put the lid on too tightly, which is why some people will crack. I like to shake the ball. It mixes everything together. Even if I use it every day, my original is still very strong and looks new, and I wash it in the dishwasher most of the time. highly recommended.

  Voltrx blender bottles, mix the peanut butter into your protein and shake it, it is a very thick throat. But the extra protein is a good thing, isn’t it? It’s really perfect, and it has a handle. Just press the lid firmly, so that it can be fixed in place with a snap.

This is a perfect protein bottle, worthy of everyone
I didn’t lose weight after persisting for so long because I didn’t understand these matters, so I had to look carefully.

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