The voltrx Shaker Bottle is durable. Do what it needs to do. There is no overflow. It might be easier to clean the lid

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  I have been using protein shaker for about two months, and the effect is very good. Work as expected and always integrate well. The only thing I know is that this child’s part is really difficult to clean unless you have something like bottle electric cleaner, because the child has some small corners and cracks, you can’t get too much, I started to notice some remnants Vibration is formed, it may be formed. So remember this. But other than that, I definitely recommend it to be great.

  I started using the same electric shaker bottle last year, and I haven’t encountered any problems so far, and it’s in good condition. The electric bottle shaker is easy to clean and very suitable for drinking protein shakes. Although the effect is good, I still hope that the measurement result is clearer or the font color is different. Otherwise it is very suitable for daily use and would recommend it to anyone!

The voltrx protein shaker is perfect for protein shakes on the go!
The perfect voltrx Shaker Bottle

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