The voltrx electric protein shaker bottle is cool, fast and efficient.

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  I gave this electric shaker bottle to a friend as a Christmas gift. He uses the protein shaker bottle for his daily BCAA, pre-workout and protein shake. He really likes it. It looks cool. Every time we go to the gym, people comment on how cool the protein shaker looks. Super easy to clean, just put in some cleaner and water and turn it on. I even bought one for myself.

  It really mixes up in seconds and it’s the best for making protein shakes. I really like this protein shake blender. now working out is even easier for me. Very easy to clean. I am very happy with this purchase.

  This Shaker Bottle is a game changer for anyone who loves superfoods, protein, collagen and powder for every workout. No clumps, easy to clean!

  I really like this blender bottles. make sure you wash it after every use! Hit it with hot water and rinse the whole thing off. The middle blender blade is made of plastic, so I was worried about the long term durability of the protein bottle, but the glass shaker bottle is great for blending powders.

High body fat content, fat loss principle is actually very simple!
voltrx electric protein shaker bottle makes smooth protein shakes

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