The upper incline bench press angle how much best the most appropriate

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  The bench press is a very classic fitness movement, and in the bench press, there are many types, such as the upward incline bench press, downward incline bench press and so on. Of course the upward slanting bench press and downward slanting bench press is very different, not only in the direction of the bench press is different, in the angle is also different. So, how much is the best angle of the upward incline bench press the most appropriate? Let’s take a look!

  Upward slanting bench press angle how much the best

  30 degrees is sufficient, too oblique into the practice of the front shoulder bundle.

  Upward slanting bench press standard action

  Preparation position: the barbell is located directly above the eyes, hands slightly wider than the shoulders to hold the barbell; feet on the ground, hips tightened, tense abdomen, shoulder blades retracted down so that the upper back flat against the bench.

  Exit the bar: Inhale and hold, force the barbell to move directly above the collarbone; adjust breathing.

  Drop: Slowly drop to the upper edge of the pectoral muscles with the barbell spaced about 1~2 cm from the body.

  Push up: After a short pause at the bottom, apply force and push up to just above the clavicle, with the upper back still flat against the bench; squeeze the upper side of the chest.

  Return to bar: After the last one, place the barbell back on the rack.

  Common mistakes in the upper incline bench press

  Mistake 1: When pushing up, the shoulders lend strength making the chest feel less pronounced.

  Solution 1: Shoulder blades always retract and sink, keeping the upper back flat against the bench.

  Mistake 2: Push up the elbow joint hyper-extension lock, resulting in elbow joint impact, long-term susceptible to elbow joint injury.

  Solution 2: Keep the elbow joint slightly curved when pushing up to the highest point.

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