Skinny fitness will get thinner with practice?

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  The reason why thin people are thin is generally two reasons, one of their own digestion and absorption capacity is weak; the second eating less. Why will become thin? Assuming that the eating pattern remains the same, the weight is basically maintained constant, so thin, usually because the body consumption becomes larger, the body energy consumption becomes more, resulting in more than enough. There are many beautiful women who are used to controlling their diet and eating very little, this is very understandable, the daily activities themselves need a certain amount of energy, now the total absorption of energy becomes less, the body in order to balance, will break down the body fat, or even protein as a source of energy, it will become thin.

  So do thin people fitness will be the more thin practice? This problem is associated with fitness, but ultimately because of the body’s energy balance. If a thin person’s own weight has recently remained the same and they start a fitness training, then the energy consumed by the body must increase, which will cause further thinning. Then obviously, we need to eat more in order to compensate for this problem. If you eat more, you won’t get any thinner.

  The above talk about diet, whether thin or fat people should comply. We should eat a diet high in protein, low in fat and moderate in carbohydrates. Such a diet helps to gain muscle, a reasonable diet of thin people will instead be more and more strong, actually because of the increase in muscle content. As for how much to eat to gain muscle, each person may be slightly different, given below the daily protein intake required: usually considered the best protein intake for muscle building strength training: 1.8g/kg/d, which represents 1.8g of protein supplement per kg of body weight per day. So as long as through a reasonable diet lean fitness must not practice more and more thin!

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