Several reasons why you need to use an electric protein mixer for fitness

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  Many people are confused about what material to choose for the mixing bottle of the electric protein mixer cup. There are too many styles and materials of GNC protein shaker in the market. This is bound to cause headaches for consumers. I can’t move them all home.

  What kind of electric mixing bottle is best for me? Next, we surveyed a number of fitness experts to learn about their understanding, needs and pain points of customized protein shake bottles.

  includes plastic electric shaker cup and stainless steel electric mixer cup.

  The first one is a plastic electric shaker bottle. Many people may wonder, is it good to shake a plastic bottle alone? Does plastic hurt? Here, you can rest assured that all plastics used in brand milkshake cups (including our bottle caps) do not contain bisphenol a and ophthalmic acid.

  Phthalates and other chemicals that may be harmful to the health of children and adults. Some good shakers are not pure now. Among these problems, plastic shakers are first of all transparent. You can see the mixture of water and protein powder. They are transparent. You can know exactly how much water you need.

  Second, the material is light and can be carried with you. You can go anywhere. Whether you are traveling or exercising, it will not add extra burden to you. The third is clean. Many people will ask whether stainless steel is different. I’m here to tell you, because stainless steel is opaque, you don’t know if it is clean. The plastic shaker is transparent. Whether it is dry is clear at a glance.

  The second is a stainless steel vibrating screen. Stainless steel shaker bottles are heavier than plastic bottles because they are metal. Stainless steel electric paint shaker has better thermal insulation effect than plastic. Most importantly, the stainless steel vibrating screen should be cleaned immediately after use. Although the metal is of good quality, it is undeniable that there are residues in the bottle, which may cause a chemical reaction.

  Which electric protein shaker bottle do you prefer? I prefer to use a plastic shaker. If you are new here and have never used protein shaker electric, I suggest you start with a plastic shaker. In this way, you can maintain the portable electric blender bottle more conveniently without using too much water. After cleaning the milkshake bottle, smell it to see if there is any peculiar smell.

Do you really understand the role of the electric protein shaker?
How to use protein shaker correctly?

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