Not to change these 6 fitness bad habits, your fitness results will be greatly reduced

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  1, do not do preparatory activities (warm-up)

  Any good coach will tell you that before exercise or training, adequate and efficient warm-up is a must. In particular, the dynamic warm-up before the workout will allow you to quickly enter the correct mode of action. Not warming up will not only reduce the effectiveness of the exercise, but also increase the risk of injury. There are also muscles that are not flexible enough, which can lead to tears and take longer to recover.

  2. Insufficient caloric intake

  The food you eat into your body (energy) will dominate your response to training. For example, if you want to gain muscle, your body needs more fuel. If you are losing weight, you need to take in the right amount of fuel. If your body doesn’t have fuel to burn, it will start burning the most readily available muscle protein, which is what burns your muscles.

  3, training time is too long

  There are some common physiological reactions to training, releasing specific hormones into the bloodstream, such as testosterone and the pleasure factor dopamine. After each 45-55 minutes of training, the body will be in a negative hormonal state. If you train for hours in the gym, one class after another, then strength training or running, hoping to burn more calories. Then you may mean a long period of overtraining, adrenal fatigue and decreased performance. It is generally recommended to limit a training session to about 1 hour.

  4, training too often

  You can train 7 days a week, every day for 30-60 minutes, and still not see the results you want. Because the body changes are in the rest and recovery phase, not in the phase of constant training all the time. You need to let your body recover and return to internal balance so that it can effectively grow muscle and burn fat you don’t want.

  5, no sleep

  We all know there won’t be enough time for you to get everything done, but sleep is essential. Certain hormones, which include the most important growth hormone and IGF-1 (which helps grow muscle and burn fat), are active when you sleep. When you’re awake, they’re not active, and unless you sleep, you don’t grow muscle.

  6, like to copy other people’s training style

  There is a saying: “there is a model to learn”. Although some movements do look cool and handsome, but it does not mean that your body is ready to do so, but instead is hurting yourself. What works for you is what works well.

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