Make protein shake mixer bottle fun

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  I almost stopped taking protein shaker bottle supplements because I hate bottles. I have a lot of them, and they all designed the same precise method to do the same thing, with the same terrible mixing ball. They are very annoying and lose things easily.

  Now, you tell me that they make Shaker Bottles that don’t need balls to sell. Sell immediately. I can tell you that it is fun to use and easy to clean. In fact, I really want to shake it, because its design is very simple and very strong.

blender bottle radian

  Thank you again for making the protein shaker bottle interesting.

  is made of thick plastic and looks very durable. The lid is closed tightly, so you don’t need to bother to reopen it, but it’s still very safe. It fits most cup holders (I haven’t seen one), and it blends well. I haven’t tried protein powder, but amino acids such as animal PAK, pre-exercise and night powder supplements can be mixed well with some milkshakes.

Favorite electric blender bottle
The mixed aroma is strong, no peculiar smell, no worries

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