It is a good choice to buy VOLTRX protein shaker bottle for christmas holiday

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  VOLTRX protein bottle is not rocket science, it should be leakproof and easy to carry.


  -To my surprise, the miscibility of protein shaker is better than steel wire. No pimple in my heart!

  -Marked so you know how much liquid you put in.

  -come in powder. The powder part is great because it has its own cap and can be screwed on to the bottom of the bottle, so that the powder part can be taken out of the bottle. Once the milkshake is mixed, the rest of the powder will be everywhere.

  -leak-proof bottle.

  -dishwasher safe

  -If you don’t want the powder part, just take it off and use it. The bottle will still be easy to use.

  -The quality of the plastic is very good

  -At this price, buy two protein shaker electrics.


  -They should also provide the best electric shaker bottle in different colors of blue and gray.

  -You should also choose to buy only one shaker protein.

  -Cannot be used in a microwave oven (for those who want to know)

  definitely recommend the electric shaker, they got all the stars.

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