Is it difficult to increase the running speed? Find the right way to speed up easily

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  I don’t know how long you have been running, or if there is such confusion. In other words, the time required to run 1 kilometer is often longer than others, and the physical strength is not reduced. The distance is quite long, but the speed cannot always be improved very well. In fact, we are not running for speed, but for quality, not for running fast, the effect of running will be better. However, there is no way to pursue high speed. Today, let’s talk about how to improve our speed by jogging. Let’s look down together.

  ONE. Several important questions about jogging

  Looking through the running videos of athletes on the Internet, we can find that they are not running fast at the beginning, but gradually speeding up during daily training. Surprisingly, what they do every day is not high-intensity speed training, but jogging. Jogging can indeed increase running speed.

  1. How slow is it to be jogging

  Regarding the issue of jogging, of course, everyone is most concerned about jogging speed. Is there a definition of jogging speed, and how slow is it considered jogging? In fact, everyone’s physical condition is different, so there is no specific requirement for jogging speed. Generally, we think that it is normal to run a kilometer in about 8 minutes. If the time exceeds 8 minutes, we can consider it as jogging. Of course, we can also choose the speed that suits us according to our physical condition. We can detect this speed by ourselves, and then judge by ourselves.

  2. Gradually increase running speed by jogging

  In fact, no one believes that jogging can increase the speed of running, but it is true. Good jogging training to improve running speed. In addition, jogging can also help us regulate the breathing and heart rate of running. When we run more easily, we will find that jogging makes the running speed naturally increase.

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  TWO. Some tips for jogging

  If you want to speed up better when running, you must practice jogging. So, when practicing jogging, is there anything worthy of our attention? Of course, we have summarized some tips for jogging for everyone, hope everyone can apply.

  1. Fully warm up before running

  In recent years, the concept of warm-up exercise has gradually entered our lives, and there is more and more understanding of warm-up. But focusing on stretching exercises after running is not enough. It’s also important to warm up before running, so it’s best to spend 5 to 10 minutes doing warm-up exercises before running. In addition, warming up helps us perform better in running.

  2. Replenish water in time

  Aerobic running requires our whole body muscles to work together, and sweat more when running. Especially after running in summer, be sure to replenish water in time, and be careful not to lack water in your body. Although running is very important, good health is more important.

  3. Running time should not be too long

  Since we have chosen to jog, we must run slowly. Therefore, jogging time should not be too long. It is generally believed that 40 minutes is the best, and it is best not to exceed 60 minutes. Of course, we can also choose the time to run on our own, as long as it does not affect the quality of the next day’s exercise.

  Concluding remark: Slow also has its truth. It does not always mean that jogging and running speed cannot increase. So if you want to speed up, jogging is the best choice. We can improve our physical fitness by jogging, and gradually increase the distance and speed of running. Everything is going slowly, today’s sharing ends here, I hope to help everyone.

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