If this is your first voltrx protein shaker, I recommend this

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  You can’t ask for a better milkshake. There are many kinds, but to be honest, this electric shaker bottle is really the best and most effective. Easy to use, no need to spend a lot of parts to clean. If you use this mixing bottle to mix protein powder, be sure to clean the electric shaker as soon as possible. If you leave the protein shake in the bottle for a long time (anything longer than 2 days), you will quickly notice an odor in the bottle. If this happens to you, it is difficult to get rid of the smell.

  My suggestion is to try to get rid of the peculiar smell, use boiling water repeatedly, and wash thoroughly. Believe me, after you finish drinking the protein milkshake, you can save trouble, and wash the shaker electric as soon as possible.

  The protein shaker itself is very durable, you may be a bit rough. Blender bottle electric I have thrown it many times and it has a very good structure. I have thrown the bottle in the dishwasher and it looks good, but it might be easier to clean it myself. It really won’t take long to clean up.

  I really use this electric shaker bottle every day. You get what you pay for. It never leaks and is easy to clean. I can also throw it out and carry it with me all day. everything will be fine. The electric blender bottle is a good choice, especially if you are mixing things or you are a frequent visitor to the gym.

The voltrx protein bottle I have used for many years is highly recommended
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