How to practice leg curls What should you pay attention to when practicing leg curls

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  Leg curl is a well-known fitness exercise, and it is also an easy exercise to train. Of course, training leg curls has many effects, but if you want to have these benefits, correct standard exercises are very important. So, how to practice leg curls? What should I pay attention to when practicing leg curls? Let’s take a look at leg curls together.

  How to practice leg curls

  1. Prone leg curl

  When doing prone leg curls, you need to lie prone on the leg curler first, adjust the resistance rolling pad, and let the back of the ankle get stuck under the rolling pad. Then stretch out your hand to grab the handle, tighten your upper body muscles, keep it straight, straighten your legs, and extend them. After you are ready, you can lift your legs hard and use your biceps femoris muscles to force the roller pad to move towards your buttocks. When exercising, be careful not to raise your thighs. When you reach a fixed point, pause for a few seconds to allow the muscles to be fully stretched, and then put them down to return to the original position.

  2. Seated leg curl

  When doing seated leg curls, you need to sit on the leg curler, hook your ankles on the horizontal bar below, lean your back against the backing board, and hold your hands on the handles. Use the strength of your calves to drive your body, doing curls back and forth. When exercising, you also need to be careful not to lift your buttocks, just use the strength of your legs. The amplitude of the curl should be larger, preferably greater than 60 degrees, otherwise the exercise effect will not be very good. When you recover, do not straighten your legs completely, so as not to hurt the joints.

  Leg curl precautions

  Regardless of whether it is a prone leg curl or a seated leg curl, you must first adjust the equipment to make it suitable for your height, otherwise you will not be able to achieve a good exercise effect. When curling, pay attention to using only the strength of the legs, not the strength of the abdomen or the buttocks. Weight is also a problem that needs attention. You should choose the weight that suits you. If the weight is not appropriate, whether it is too light or too heavy, the curling action cannot be standardized.

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