How many leg lifts per day is appropriate for lying on your back

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  Long-term practice of supine leg lifts can bring a lot of benefits to the body, but whether it is supine leg lifts or other exercises, there are some particulars, so we need to be aware of supine leg lifts before practicing supine leg lifts Some particulars about raising the legs, such as how many are appropriate. How many leg lifts per day is appropriate?

  How many times a day do you lie on your back and raise your legs?

  1. See experience

  How many do supine leg lifts a day depends on personal experience. If you are exposed to this exercise at the beginning and you don’t have too much experience, then do fifteen in a group and four in a day. If you are used to it, Do it every day, so you can increase the training intensity appropriately. One group can do 20, and the number can be increased to five groups, but if the body feels unwell, you must stop in time and don’t hold it hard. This is not good for your body. Yes, it also goes against the original intention of fitness.

  2. See physical strength

  The number of supine leg lifts per day is also related to the individual’s physical strength. If a person’s strength is better, then you can do 20 in a group and do five sets a day. If the physical strength is average, do fifteen in a group, one day. Do four sets. If you have poor physical strength and don’t have the habit of exercising, you can do less. Do ten sets in one set and three sets a day. The most important thing is not to make your body feel particularly uncomfortable, or you can do it every other day instead of doing it every day. Being comfortable is the most important thing.

  3. Check your health

  How many leg raises do on your back is also related to your personal health, because it is mainly an exercise of the psoas muscle, so if there is a problem with the waist, such as lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, etc., It’s best not to do the exercises like lying on the back, if you are healthy and there is no problem, you can start with a set of fifteen and four sets a day. Again, health is the most important thing.

  The standard movement of lying on the back and raising the leg

  1. Lie flat on the mat, fix the head and upper body on the mat, and straighten your legs together. If you can bend slightly at the beginning of the training, the difficulty will be reduced. Straighten your arms and place your palms down on the ground.

  2. During the process, then take a deep breath, and when you exhale, lift your lower abdomen forcefully and lift your legs. Stopped vertically to the ground, then took a deep breath and fell, falling to the distance of two punches with both legs off the ground, and then lifted up again.

  3. The number of exercises and the number of groups can be adjusted according to the level of the abdominal muscles each time, at least 20 times, after a certain level, gradually increase the number of times to reach 30-40 times per group, the best effect. Do 3-4 sets for each practice.

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