How long does it take to run to lose weight?

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  You can lose weight after running for 30 minutes, because you consume sugar and water in your body before running for 30 minutes, and you can consume body fat after 30 minutes, so the running time should not be less than 30 minutes. When running, you need to choose the running time according to your physical condition. Don’t rest immediately. It is better to stop after walking slowly for 5 minutes.

  It takes 30 minutes to run for weight loss

  Running for more than 30 minutes can help you lose weight. Because running is aerobic exercise, the body’s nutrients are consumed during running. The first 30 minutes consumes the body’s sugar and water. After 30 minutes, the body’s stored fat can be consumed.

  Therefore, the time for each run should not be less than 30 minutes, otherwise the weight loss effect will not be achieved. After running for about a month, you will notice that running becomes thinner. Therefore, running needs to be persistent, not halfway through.

  When running, it is best to reasonably control the running time according to your physical condition and endurance. Do not run for too long at the beginning, which will easily lead to physical overload and collapse. You cannot stop immediately after running and walk slowly for 5 minutes. It is better to stop again.

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