How do women train their back muscles

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  We all know that if a person persists in exercising, it will help a lot. How to train the back muscles? You can train your back through four training exercises: push-ups, pull-ups, supine clamps, and hanging legs. So, how should women train their back muscles? Let’s take a look at how to train the back muscles together!

  push ups

  Push-ups are a classic movement. Even people with little training experience can do one or two with their bare hands. The benefits of doing push-ups at home are also obvious. It doesn’t take much space. As long as you persist, it is no different from a gym. Therefore, push-ups are highly recommended for back exercises with bare hands. It can not only train the back muscles, but also stimulate the abdominal muscles and arm muscles. It is a very comprehensive training exercise.


  If you want to practice back strength, there are many equipment to choose from in the gym, which are very targeted. However, bare-handed exercises are not necessarily ineffective. For example, the action of pull-ups is the same wherever you exercise. We only need to find a sturdy, suitable place to grasp, such as a door frame and the like, and then we can do pull-ups. It should be noted that if the arm strength is not enough, it is best to do some arm muscle strength training first.

  lie on back

  Sit-up is a sport that everyone will think of when you vote for it in back training. This sport is also very targeted. It is very effective for back muscle training and does not require you to prepare a lot of sports equipment. , We only need to prepare a yoga mat, lie down on the yoga mat, and make a curling posture. The posture of abdominal crunching exercise is very common, the action is simple, and you only need to curl up together, and during the training process, you must place your two elbows on both sides of your body to support your body, and the direction of your elbows Push towards the floor. The next key action is that the back needs to be clamped, and the effect of concentrated exercise will be better.

  hang leg lift

  For many people who want to enhance their back strength, the hanging leg lift is a good exercise. Although it focuses on exercising the abdominal muscles, it can also help us improve the strength of the latissimus dorsi and can effectively exercise the arms. When doing drape lifts, we first need to hang ourselves up, and then make the leg lifts so that the torso and the legs are at a right angle. If it can be lifted up, the effect is best, and then slowly fall down and repeat the exercise.

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