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  Before, we wrote an article on how to exercise at home, and now a new question has arisen, that is, how can we fully obtain the results of hard exercise at home?

  Many people worry about losing the hard-earned muscle mass at home. So in this article, we have compiled a list of nutritional supplements that can build muscle at home, so that we don’t have to panic about the loss of lean muscle.


  Even at home, the basic principle of our muscle training has not changed-that is, focus on increasing exercise intensity and fully recovering the body.

  Adequate sleep, good stress management, a high-protein diet, plus attention to calorie intake for muscle exercise and supplementation of nutrient-dense foods such as fruits and vegetables are the basis for healthy muscle building.

  But the supplement is of course simpler, no need to think too much.

  1. Protein powder

  Our first choice. Of course it is protein powder! Protein powder is a well-deserved “super food”. It is not only an efficient source of protein, but also a complete and high-quality protein that can provide everything needed to repair and promote the development of muscle quality.

  Many people think that protein powder is only effective before and after training, more specifically after training. No! Although protein can enhance recovery and adaptability after exercise, adding protein powder to other meals of the day not only helps relieve hunger, but also improves body composition and even increases energy levels.

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  Add a scoop of oatmeal for breakfast, or mix a scoop of protein powder with water or milk, and eat some fruit. It is a super nutritious and delicious snack. These are just two examples where protein powders are widely used, and you can see how useful protein powders are.

  2. Creatine

  Our next nutritional supplement recommendation is no stranger to most people. Creatine not only helps to maintain muscle (we have also introduced it in the previous article), but it is also very effective in acquiring new muscle. Creatine also helps improve athletic performance and cognitive performance (makes people better concentrate on training).

  3. Pre-exercise supplements (with or without caffeine)

  Pre-exercise supplements are rich in ingredients, which can improve athletic performance and help recovery after exercise.

  Evidence-based dosage recommendations have been considered in our design. This pre-workout supplement from Myprotein can help improve blood flow components (such as l-citrulline), buffer lactic acid by-products to relieve fatigue (-alanine), and even increase power output (betaine anhydrous).

  Caffeine is an excellent supplement for all pre-exercises, which can increase calorie consumption and improve performance. If your body is not adapted to caffeine, we also have decaffeinated pre-workout supplements.

  4. General health supplements

  Does this sound a bit boring? Then think about it carefully, what will affect your athletic performance in the first place?

  The answer is: actual health. Health affects exercise, just as exercise affects health. Health management supplements:


  If there is a supplement that has nothing to do with sports performance that can be recommended to almost everyone, it is vitamin D. Vitamins can help solve everything from bone density to cognition and immunity.

  -3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid

  Continuous intake of adequate fish oil is very beneficial for maintaining or improving our health. Many people lack adequate omega-3 levels in their diets, so adding supplements may bring many benefits.


  Multivitamins are not a crutch for unhealthy lifestyles, but a safety net for eating habits, which can make up for any deficiencies missed in the diet.

  Multivitamins are especially useful for those who may be in the fat loss stage and have more dietary restrictions. If you are already healthy, they may not improve your health, but they can help you stay healthy.

  If you want to get a full exercise effect at home, you must start from the basics: sleep, stress management, exercise plan, and adequate food intake. On this basis, we can help improve muscle training and sports performance to a new level through correct supplementation.

  The supplements in the above list can indeed improve our ability to obtain lean meat and improve body composition. Being at home does not mean that we can no longer reach your goals.

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