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protein shaker bottle electric

  I rarely write Amazon reviews, but take a moment to tell me how impressed these electric shakers have left me. They haven’t leaked yet, which is impressive compared to all the other beautiful bottles that I have tried that claim to be leak-proof but are not so. I still can’t believe we have six, and they are all well designed. We don’t use bottom accessories often, but they seem to be very useful for people who are busy or planning meals. Overall protein shakes shaker, my wife and I are really happy to have the opportunity to use these bottles and will recommend them to anyone

  I bought these as part of Christmas gifts for my colleagues. I chose one for myself and I like it! The quality of the electric blender bottle is very good. Once I go back to work and need to carry my protein powder, the “accessories” you can connect to the bottom will be very good. The only thing I can say about this cup is that there is a dent under the lid, and the place where the lid is connected may be jammed by rubbish. For me, the electric protein shaker bottle just soaked the lid because it couldn’t be washed off after use, and then it came out.