Great electric shaker bottle

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  I bought it for my husband. We both like Thai milk tea, but it is always a challenge to dissolve sweetened condensed milk in iced tea. He stirs the glass for no less than 4 minutes each time. Using this mixing bottle, sweetened condensed milk can be dissolved and dispersed within 20 seconds. He always adds the big boba and a long boba straw, which is very suitable for the opening ceremony. It is definitely recommended for those who want to dissolve thicker things (such as peanut butter).

smoothie blender bottle

  My only problem is to buckle the cap. It does not make an audible click, so it is difficult to feel its appeal. So far, my husband accidentally spilled liquid all over the kitchen. Make sure there is a hand on the lid!

The super easy-to-use voltrx electric shaker bottle is worth having
Voltrx electric shaker bottle makes you feel its magic

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