Gift for boyfriend: voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle

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  This electric shaker bottle is perfect! My boyfriend drinks Kratom every day. His ordinary electric protein shaker cup is a mixing bottle. Use an ordinary electric shaker cup. Hed must shake each drink by hand for 5 to 10 minutes to dissolve all the mixture. Anyone who has drunk Kratom and OJ knows how bad it is to have a mouth full of unmixed Kratom. In addition to taking time, other best electric protein shakers are also missing!!! It’s a nightmare (I’ve been with him for 3 years, so it’s a long nightmare)

  I decided to look it up and buy him a new portable electric protein shaker bottle, and then found this. Blender bottle is absolutely perfect! No overflow, no shaking, just click the button and let the Oster Blender bottle rotate for a minute or two! The protein blender bottle is much more expensive than the ordinary electric shaker cup, but it is very worth investing.

  It’s great for mixing protein drinks and won’t make those small protein balls like mixing balls. Vortex electric protein shaker is also very useful for amino energy, because electric protein shaker cup is hydrophobic and does not like to mix with water. The protein blender bottle mixes well in this respect. I want them to make a glass version with a small metal blade so that the electric blender bottle Walmart can be used for things like coffee. Maybe glass with removable silicone protective film.

  This GNC electric blender bottle is very good at mixing my protein powder. I used to leave large pieces at the bottom of my drink and electric shaker bottle. This is not a problem. I also scrambled eggs with miixr electric shaker bottle. As a result, the protein blender bottles were very fluffy. I just got the product recently, so if there are any problems in the future, I will update it as needed.

  This small electric blender bottle is very rock! Good mixing, rechargeable, easy to carry. I have used the electric juice blender bottle every day for more than six months and put the protein blender bottle into the dishwasher (top rack) dozens of times. Still valid, no leakage. Great product.

Voltrx electric shaker bottle is of good quality. Whoever uses it knows.
Love life, love sports, love voltrx electric shaker bottle, healthy and happy every day!

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