Five supplements for excessive holidays

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  Another year has passed, now has passed, and now, we are once again on the verge of holiday shock! Although the days of cheating can be sweaty (and may even be beneficial), the whole Christmas holiday is a completely different idea. It is said that during the holidays, the average weight does not exceed 4 kg. So, it can be said with certainty that the holiday will seriously damage your hard-won physique-if you allow it!

  The problem with categorizing these monsters during the holidays is that it will bring you and your training into the new year. It takes time to remove excess kilograms and accumulated fat after the holidays, which will consume your training time and push your goals further.

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  If you are really determined to avoid festivals, we will pay tribute to your discipline. But most of you might want a Christmas pudding or two. Therefore, in order to ensure that you do not smuggle chicken and vegetables filled with Tupperware boxes at this Christmas party, we have compiled a list of Christmas supply cabinets to help you eliminate holiday excess. We try to shorten the list at this time of year to save you money. Remember, this is not bad news, because your Christmas turkey is a great source of super amino leucine. result!


  Sports scientists believe that vitamin D3 is very important to strengthen the immune system, enhance recovery and ultimately help the whole body cope with physical stress-for example, the Christmas fire has caused huge losses to people. Although vitamin D3 is usually a permanent function in many tonic cabinets, it is especially important in winter training, because during this period, the body may be deficient in vitamin D3 due to lack of sunlight.

  green tea

  green tea has been proven to have health care and strong antioxidant properties. For example, in terms of antioxidant protection, the EGCG content in green tea is believed to be more than 200 times stronger than vitamin E. Green tea has also been shown to help increase the use of calories and fat, and increase the amount of fat that can be burned during exercise. It can also help people process carbohydrates effectively, which is very important during the Christmas pudding season. For those who drink a few glasses of wine this Christmas, green tea has also been shown to be effective in removing some toxins from the liver.


  L Tyrosine is an amino acid that can play a key role in controlling neurotransmitters. These transmitters control mental alertness, relieve stress, and help maintain concentration. l Tyrosine can resist the mental fatigue caused by excessive festivals. Without this, the stress on the body will cause the level of cortisol to rise, making it easier for the body to store fat in the body. l Tyrosine is also a precursor of dopamine and has been shown to further fight fatigue.


  Since the holiday surplus has begun to cause losses, please use ZMA to strengthen your immunity to fight back. This mineral mixture of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 is packaged together to form a powerful impact and has been proven to strengthen the immune system, enhance protein synthesis, and improve liver function. Importantly, with the end of the party, ZMA was found to promote deep and quiet sleep-which means you don’t have to miss morning training. ascorbic acid

  Vitamin C has been proven to enhance immune function and has strong antioxidant potential. This is very important during the holidays when your immune system is negatively affected. Crucially, vitamin C has also been shown to reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone, which rises during stressful periods, such as holidays. Elevated cortisol levels make it easier for the body to recover and slow down fat storage, so please carry a bag of vitamin C with you to fight against excess vitamins.

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