Fitness want to gain muscle should eat eggs? I wonder how many egg yolks you have spoiled

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  There has been a lot of controversy about eggs. Some people say that eggs are rich in high quality protein, cheap and easy to make, so they are the best choice for fitness people. But others say that the fat and cholesterol content of egg yolks is too high and that too much of them can have a negative impact on the body. The two sides of the argument, so there are always people eating eggs while throwing yolks.

  Too much egg yolk will make cholesterol high? For this rumor, no!

  Then let’s look at the reasons why people think it’s true: fat, as the main component of most high-calorie foods, is not very good for weight control. Excessive intake of cholesterol and saturated fat also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, and it is generally recommended that the daily intake of cholesterol from food should not exceed 300 mg. This rumor was once widely circulated as truth and made many people shy away from chicken yolks.

  Egg yolk has many benefits

  Many people may think that the fat in egg yolks is too high and have an attitude toward fat that they should reduce their intake as much as possible. However, the fat in egg yolks contains many beneficial fatty acids. For example, lecithin is good for mental development, and there are many essential amino acids and beneficial fatty acids. Of course, fat-soluble vitamins, like whole milk, are also included.

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