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  With the popularity of fitness supplements, there is a wide variety of fitness supplements on the market, and branched-chain amino acids are one of them, and those who know more about fitness supplements should not be unfamiliar with branched-chain amino acids.

  For those who are new to supplements, they are still confused by the variety of supplements available, many of them want to try a variety of supplements, but they do not know much about them, and branched chain amino acids are among them.

  One. The role of branched-chain amino acids

  Branched-chain amino acids is bcaa for short, amino acids should not be unfamiliar to you, protein synthesis is by amino acids, muscle growth and inseparable from protein, so in a sense, branched-chain amino acids have the role of promoting muscle synthesis and preventing muscle loss.

  Amino acids are very diverse and there are many kinds of them, and branched-chain amino acids are not just one kind of amino acid, they are the collective name of three common amino acids in protein, which are: leucine, valine and isoleucine.

  On the packaging of branched chain amino acids in the market, it is common to have 2:1:1 or 4:1:1, which refers to the ratio of these three amino acids.

  1. Leucine

  The role of leucine is to prevent muscle loss as we mentioned above, so its ratio is higher than the other two amino acid ratios, the reason why it can prevent muscle loss is because it can break down and convert glucose faster to provide energy for muscles.

  2. Valine

  Valine can also prevent muscle loss and provide more extra energy to produce glucose for muscles.

  3. Isoleucine

  Isoleucine is more of an icing on the cake. It works better with the other two amino acids and can be used more efficiently when mixed together.

  These three amino acids combined together are the branched chain amino acids (bcaa) we use they also give the role of promoting muscle synthesis, preventing muscle breakdown loss, and even speeding up recovery and reducing fatigue.

  II. How to use branched chain amino acids?

  Branched-chain amino acid supplementation is generally used before and after exercise, and it is characterized by fast digestion and absorption, so there is no big problem to use it during exercise. Generally speaking, a single dose is 3-6g.

  III. Is it necessary to use branched-chain amino acids? My personal opinion on branched-chain amino acids

  In fact, to understand this point, you should first understand that there are about 20 kinds of amino acids, which can be roughly divided into three types: essential amino acids, non-essential amino acids and semi-essential amino acids.

  There are 8 types of essential amino acids, including branched-chain amino acids, which cannot be synthesized by the human body and must be supplemented by food.

  Non-essential amino acids can be synthesized by the human body, and there are 10 of them; semi-essential amino acids can be synthesized by the human body, but they often cannot meet the demand and need to be supplemented by consuming certain foods, and there are 2 of them.

  As you can see, the three amino acids of branched chain amino acids are essential amino acids, and it seems to be the necessary choice for us to use branched chain amino acids, but in fact, it is not!

  Although it is an essential amino acid, it is not necessary to obtain it through supplements, as we have said before, the concept that food nutrition is always greater than supplements.

  If you have enough meat, beans, grains, vegetables, fish, etc. in your daily diet, there is no need to use branched chain amino acids.

  This is why meat protein is better than plant protein, because of the diversity of amino acids.

  There is also a situation where it is not necessary to use branched-chain amino acids, and that is to supplement protein powders, especially whey protein powder for bodybuilders.

  This is because whey protein powder tends to contain the essential amino acids that the body needs, which is why protein powder is one of the most cost-effective supplements.

  If you then go the extra mile to supplement with branched chain amino acids it will be redundant, a waste, and will add to your financial burden.

  IV. What type of people are branched chain amino acids suitable for?

  Personally, I recommend using branched chain amino acids for people who are training very heavily and are in a fat loss period, so you can use branched chain amino acids to prevent muscle loss.

  If you are in a race, you can also use branched chain amino acids as a supplement to prevent excessive muscle loss.

  In addition, if you are financially well off, then branched chain amino acids are also a good choice, after all, its taste is very good, there is a drink taste, unlike protein powder so greasy.

  For daily training intensity is not great, and the diet is not bad, then there is really no need to use the branched chain amino acid supplements.

  Although the role of promoting muscle synthesis and preventing muscle breakdown, but everything is still based on your diet training, if your diet is not enough intake of other amino acids, pure supplementation of branched-chain amino acids that you synthesize muscle efficiency will also be very low.

  You can not expect supplements to bring you any magical effect, to understand to use according to their own body conditions, will achieve the effect you want, not just to myth it!