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  In order to choose a protein Shaker Bottle that can be used for a long time, here are some check points.

  ●electric shaker bottle tightness

  The most important factor in choosing a protein shaker is “air tightness”. Be sure to check to avoid spilling when tilted or leaking when shaking. The airtightness of those who can only make two turns when the lid is closed is higher than that of one-turn closure. In addition, some of them will click when closed, so it is recommended for those who are worried about forgetting to close. Also, this time, we tested the anti-spill capability in the comparative verification, so please check it!

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  ●electric shaker bottle scale

  Most protein shakers have scales. There are two main types, one is to print directly on the vibrator body. The other uses unevenness on the bottle itself to be embossed as a scale. If it is a printing scale, it may become thinner when used for a long time. If you want to make accurate measurements without using a measuring cup, you should choose an embossed vibrating screen.

  ●electric shaker bottle easy

  One thing that is often overlooked in maintenance is ease of maintenance. Before you actually use the protein shaker bottle, you usually don’t notice it, so be sure to check it when you buy it. Since it is a frequently used item, we will study its ease of cleaning. The simpler the bottle type, the easier it is to clean, and the more parts (such as the multifunctional type) that are used, the harder it is to use. I actually compared it this time, so please check it! Also, if you have a dishwasher at home, please make sure it is compatible with the dishwasher. Unlike hand washing, any type of vibrating screen will be easier to clean.

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