Explanation of the action essentials of the Smith machine barbell lifting

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  In fitness exercises, Smith machine barbell lifting is a very good exercise, and it is also a simple and easy exercise. Of course, barbell lifting is also good for us, but many people don’t know how to do barbell lifting, of course. Someone knows. So, what are the essentials of the Smith machine barbell lifting action? Let’s take a look together below.

  Smith machine barbell lifting action essentials

  1. Set the barbell on the Smith machine, the height is about the middle of the thigh. Choose the correct height, and after installing the barbell, hold the barbell upright (palm forward), and the grip should be shoulder-width apart. The wrist strap can be used when the bell is heavy.

  2. With arms straight, back straight, pull up the barbell. The elbows should be slightly bent. This is the starting position of the action.

  3. Exhale, pull up the barbell sideways with your shoulders. When pulling the barbell, make the lever close to your body. Continue to pull up until you touch your chin. Tip: You should use your elbow to drive this movement. When pulling up the barbell, your elbows should be higher than your forearms. In addition, the body should remain fixed and pause for one second at the top of the movement.

  4. Slowly lower the barbell to return to the starting position, and inhale while doing this part of the exercise.

  5. Repeat the action to the recommended number of repetitions.

  Smith machine barbell lifting matters needing attention

  1. The elbows should be opened to the sides of the body, and the upper arms and body should be T-shaped at the top of the movement.

  2. The elbow is bent and the upper arm is pulled upward, and the forearm is only a hanging action.

  Variation: You can use a neutral grip (palms facing each other) to complete this action. You can also use dumbbells.

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