Electric Protein Shaker Cup for Christmas!

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  Give this to my husband as one of his Christmas gifts in place of his other shaker. I have high hopes, especially after watching that video of that guy mixing peanut butter in his smoothie. This Electric Protein Shaker bottle really works! My husband has been using cheap Electric Protein Shaker to mix his Shakeology with other powdered drinks electric Blender bottles and says the Protein Shaker Cup blends well and is very smooth.

  The only downside so far is that the Protein Shaker Cup is a bit smaller than his old shaker, and if you fill the Voltrx Electric Protein Shaker to the top, the Protein Shaker Cup won’t mix (duh). To solve the problem, he filled half and added the powder, rotating the liquid to moisten the powder, then shaking it to blend well.

  After mixing, he added more liquid and shook it again (the Oster Blender bottle tended to stick to the lid when we weren’t spinning to wet the powder). He liked the Electric Protein Shaker bottle so much that he asked me to buy another one because everyone used his all the time.

  This Electric Protein Shaker bottle is really 5 stars. I only give durability 4 stars because we only used it for 2 days, so it’s hard to say right now, but the Protein Shaker Cup is well built and feels solid, so I hope the Protein Shaker Cup will last for a while.

  This is probably by far the best shaker I’ve ever used. The Best Electric Blender bottle did mix well, and if there was any unmixed powder at the bottom, I shook the Protein Shaker Cup upside down. I found the Protein Shaker Cup easy to clean; I put some dishwashing liquid and warm water in it and shook it.

  At first, I had some leaks under the lid, but I found out it was my user error. I just need to tighten the Portable Blender bottles a little more (tighten it as you think it should, and then tighten it a little more). I do think it would be better to add a gasket to the lid, but I don’t know if that would affect the design.

  Another disadvantage is that if you bring the Protein Mixer machine to work and then wait until the end of the day to wash it, I think the Oster Blender bottle still smells like a milkshake even after washing it. However, this could be because the material is plastic, and plastic is notorious for keeping orders. All in all, I’m very pleased with the purchase so far.

Is the voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle charging fast?
Voltrx Electric Shaker bottle is of great quality!

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