Durable and washable electric protein shaker, have you bought it?

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  Ever since I first saw these blenders in 2014, I’ve been skeptical of plastic milkshake bottles. Then, the vortex bottle shaker is powered by two AA batteries, and I realize some models are still the same. I’m starting to suspect that the reasons are power issues, and the quality and construction of the mixer. This blender looks cheap. The little parts connecting the motor to the mixer don’t know how long it will last.

  Well, this particular mixer is great because the eddy current shaker is rechargeable. The mixer is the same model. It looks cheap, but I have to say, I have been using it for almost a week and there is no sign of giving up. If you follow the directions, the vortex shaker will mix well. The cover fits and is as secure as the motor housing. The entire blending vessel is also sturdy. The protein powder shaker is easy to clean and beautiful.

  This thing is really popular! What I love most about these vortex mixers is that if you have a supplement that can foam like crazy in a shaker, there will be less of it. You’ll probably still get a thin layer of foam on top, but more importantly, it’s minuscule compared to a shaker.

  The glass protein shaker also mixes more smoothly, with less lumps and less effort…just push the button and add your supplements! Like this one is rechargeable, no need to buy cheap batteries. Looks good. The effect is very good. So far I am very satisfied!

  I took a chance at random colors and got an all red one. It’s my favorite color so I’m so happy! The spice bottle is really the invincible part. The vortex shaker is everything I need. I do have a bottle that I bought elsewhere without the ring, so that’s an added bonus. My keys are stuck directly on the electric protein shaker.

Make protein with an electric protein shaker bottle
Have you ever heard of portable protein blender?

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