Drink protein powder after bodybuilding, with shake cup and with common cup have why to distinguish?

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  Protein Shake Blender bottle is mainly used to make the protein powder shake more evenly and fully disperse the protein powder in the water.

  It’s hard to shake up the protein powder in a regular cup.

  Many people think it doesn’t matter what they drink as long as they put it in their stomach.

  Do not believe this statement, you look at the professional fitness and more successful ordinary fitness, which is not using shaker bottle GNC?

  Shake the cup can stimulate the activity of protein, do not look down upon shake these down, protein once activated, absorption efficiency will greatly improve, absorption of good natural muscle effect is good. Ordinary water cup, because can not shake, fully activated protein, absorption is much worse.

  I also used ordinary cups to make protein powder before, but now I have changed to portable Electric Protein Shaker bottle. The muscle increasing effect is not at the same level, and it is very obvious.

  So I suggest, buy all the protein powder, be sure to use with drinking.

  Some questions about electric Blender Water Bottle:

  1. Rinse the shaker with water as soon as possible and dry it in the air outlet. Otherwise it will stink

  2. For whey protein concentrate, add water before powder, otherwise the powder will stick to the bottom. However, the separation of whey does not encounter the problem of sticky bottom.

  3. Generally, warm or cold water is used to fill protein powder, which is definitely not ice water. Ice water is also very difficult to dissolve.

  4. Water is usually 300cc, but I personally like to fill more, because I need to replenish water after exercise.

  5. Protein powder can be drunk with glucose to improve insulin levels and promote protein absorption.

  There is no “protein factor” in protein powder, which is unscientific. The correct term is “protein genie”, a spiritual substance found in whey protein powder. Normally, the elf is asleep and needs to be hit with a wire ball to awaken it. Once awakened, the elf casts a “muscle boost” spell, increasing muscle synthesis efficiency by 50 percent, and casts a “Muscle Master aura” effect, increasing protein absorption by 30 percent. Therefore, protein powder must be protein Shaker bottles target, otherwise it is a cup of protein powder without soul.

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