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electric protein shaker

There are a variety of plastic protein shakers and water bottles on the market today, with varying quality. We all know that using low-quality protein shake bottles is very harmful to the body. Here’s the right way to choose a safe plastic shaker bottle.

1. Smell

When buying, consumers can pick up the cup and smell it. The inferior plastic protein shaker bottle has a pungent plastic or rubber smell, try not to buy this cup. The plastic protein shake mix bottle doesn’t smell very special.

2. Look at the purpose

The cup of the electric Blender water bottle will be marked with the purpose, so the protein shake bottle should be selected as “food”, and the cup marked with other purposes should not be purchased and used, otherwise it will have adverse effects on health. Do not buy plastic cups unless there are signs of use.

3. Check whether the production information is detailed

Shake Shaker cups produced by regular manufacturers will clearly indicate the specific manufacturer, production address, distributor, specific contact information, etc. For inferior protein Shake Mixer bottles, the above information is often ambiguous, or there is no similar information at all.

4. Look at the sign of the production license

Generally speaking, legally produced cups will be marked with a “QS” production license. Although this logo does not determine the quality of the cup, a milkshake bottle with this logo should only be considered for purchase.

5. Look at the price

High-quality plastic ice shaker cups are not cheap, often costing dozens of dollars, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality of plastic cups that are cheap for a few dollars. You can sell it in plastic cups. They will be cheaper. For your own health, choose high quality and low price.

6. Observe the numbers on the bottom of the cup.

Sumai. com reminds everyone that general plastic products have a clear serial number at the bottom. The number 5 or 7 used in the gnshaker bottle is more reassuring. 5 PP polypropylene, melting point up to 167, reusable after careful microwave cleaning. 7 is other types of PCs, such as water bottles, space cups, baby bottles, etc.

However, this shaker protein bottle is not well designed. When heated, it is easy to release the toxic substance bisphenol A, which is harmful to human body. So it’s safer to choose a protein shake mixing bottle with a size 5 at the bottom.

7. Look at the material.

The material of the electric shaker determines the quality of the vortex stirring bottle. In general, silicone is better, followed by polypropylene particles (PP). These materials have strong high and low temperature resistance. The former has a temperature range of -40-200 degrees. The latter is -20 degrees -120 degrees.