Do these exercises before going to bed. After three months, these changes will make you unbelievable.

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  Life lies in exercise. Some people liken the body as a machine. It takes regular exercise to maintain vitality. Speaking of sports, everyone might think of running, skipping rope, swimming, etc., but there are also some sports that can be done at home anytime, anywhere. Instead of spending a lot of time playing with mobile phones before going to bed, let us put down our phones and move our bodies to stretch and increase flexibility, so that you can stay young forever.

  If you still hold your mobile phone to browse Moments, visit Jingdong, and play games before going to bed, you might as well put down your mobile phone for a period of time and try to do these exercises, which will not only effectively lose weight, but also help sleep. Hurry up and take action, your beautiful figure is all exercised.

  One, plank

  1. Improve muscle strength, lose weight quickly

  Whether in the gym or in the sports field, this action can be seen everywhere, because it is very simple and the most effective way to train muscles. Do not need to practice for a long time, only need to spend five minutes a day, the effect of exercising abdominal muscles is obvious. For people whose fat is concentrated on the belly, it can effectively burn belly fat, improve the core strength of our human body, and shape a perfect body.

  2. Improve hunchback condition and improve your own temperament

  Plank support is very helpful for people with hunched back and forward neck, because plank support not only uses abdominal strength, but also depends on the strength of the shoulder muscles to keep the body in a straight line, so it can effectively stretch the neck The shoulder muscles correct curved bones. People with hunched back and forward neck may wish to give it a try. Do it for five minutes before going to bed every day, maybe it will greatly improve your temperament.

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  3. Promote blood circulation, detoxify and beautify the skin

  During exercise, a large amount of toxins will always be discharged as perspiration. The plank support is the same. Although it does not consume too much calories than running, it relies on the strength of the abdominal muscles, so it can accelerate the consumption of fat, increase body temperature, and circulate blood Smoother, the body’s metabolic function is also improved, the toxins in the body can be discharged naturally, and the body and complexion are better.

  Two, practice yoga

  1. Improve flexibility and stay young

  Yoga is an elegant exercise. You will find that people who practice yoga for a long time have very good physical flexibility. Some yoga movements are designed for the spine, waist, and buttocks. For example, the mermaid-style side stretching exercise is beneficial to stretch the muscles on both sides, stretch the shoulders, and also release pressure.

  2. Create a sexy body to help lose weight

  It is impossible to reduce weight by practicing yoga in a short period of time, and yoga is a static exercise, which naturally does not burn fat faster than running. However, only if you are highly concentrated and practice patiently for a long time, you will slowly find that your body fat is slowly turning into muscles, and you will feel that you are slowly becoming thinner and more temperamental. So keep practicing at night, and it will be effective after a while.

  Conclusion: There are many more ways to exercise before going to bed, and it will certainly not be immediate at the beginning. This is also the time to test your perseverance and endurance. Exercise will not only change your temperament and stay young forever, but also help you prevent diseases. So from now on, move every night before going to bed. Three months later, you will definitely meet a better self.

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