Detailed tutorial on correct posture for indoor running in situ

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  In training sports, running in place is a very effective exercise. Of course, it is good for a person to run in place regularly, such as improving heart function, strengthening muscle elasticity, etc., but running in place is also exquisite, but many People don’t know how to run in situ indoors. So, what is the correct posture for indoor running in situ? Let’s take a look together below!

  Running on the spot indoors, correct posture

  1. Head posture

  Raise the head slightly, look straight ahead, relax the head and neck muscles.

  2. Arm posture

  Stretch your chest, tuck your abdomen, flex your elbows, lift your shoulders slightly, bend your arms to 90 degrees, and swing back and forth naturally. When you swing forward, your hands are slightly inward, and when you swing backward, your elbows are slightly outward. Don’t show your elbows, and keep your hands behind.

  3. Leg posture

  When swinging the lower limbs forward, lift the thighs forward and upward as much as possible, and keep the feet above the ground at least 20 cm. This can make the abdominal muscles tense, the inner belly is lifted, and the breathing is even, slender, full and rhythmic.

  However, you should raise your legs moderately, and you can’t blindly pursue stride length and frequency. Increasing the stride length will inevitably result in a long flight time, a large fluctuation in the center of gravity, and a heavy landing force. This will increase the vibration to the human body and cause unnecessary damage over time.

  4. Landing posture

  The calf is relaxed and drooping naturally, the toes are lightly landed, the heel is lifted, the heel does not touch the ground, the rebound force is used to make the movement rhythmically. Many people are accustomed to landing with their soles on the ground when running. In fact, this method of landing is not scientific. Because there is no cushion when landing, it will have a great impact on the body.

  The benefits of running in place

  1. Improve heart function

  Running in place can help improve heart function. In the process of running in place, the blood flow of the coronary arteries will be greatly increased, and myocardial nutrition can also be significantly improved, which helps prevent coronary heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and improve heart function.

  2. Enhance muscle elasticity

  Running in place can help increase muscle elasticity. In the process of running in place, the muscles of the whole body will contract and stretch rhythmically, which can help increase muscle fibers, improve muscle elasticity, and enhance muscle strength.

  3. Improve lung function

  Running in place can help improve lung function. When running in situ, it also requires deep and rhythmic breathing, which can effectively exercise lung breathing, enhance lung oxygen uptake, increase lung capacity, and so on.

  4. Speed ​​up the detoxification of the body

  Running in place can help accelerate the detoxification of the body. When running in place, the body will sweat a lot, and the toxins in the body will be excreted along with the sweat to achieve a good detoxification purpose. Running in place is also effective for detoxification and beauty.

  5. Strong bones

  Running in situ can strengthen bones. During running in situ, the blood circulation of the body will be accelerated, which is conducive to improving the nutrient supply of bone cells, increasing their growth ability, and contributing to the normal development of bones. In addition, running in place can also delay the degenerative changes of bones.

  6. ​​Weight loss

  Running in place can help lose weight. In the process of running in place, the body’s metabolism speeds up, detoxification can also accelerate the consumption of body heat, which is helpful to lose weight. However, you must pay attention to standardizing your movements so that your heart rate can be maintained at around 120 to speed up the body’s fat burning, otherwise the weight loss effect of running in place will not be obvious.

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