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  In fitness exercises, sitting arm flexion and extension is a well-known and effective action, and it is also a simple and easy exercise. Of course, if you insist on training seated arm flexion and extension, there are many benefits, but if you want to have these benefits, the correct action essentials Is very important. So, what are the essentials of sitting arm flexion and extension? Let’s take a look together below.

  The essentials of sitting arm flexion and extension

  First, adjust the height of the pastor’s chair. After the body sits on the pastor’s chair, the top edge of the pastor’s chair rests against the lower edge of the shoulder blades. The feet are naturally opened. Hold the crank barbell with both hands at the position of the narrow grip. Lift the top of the head, with the elbow joint facing forward, while the forearm is perpendicular to the ground, and then take a deep breath, while bending the elbow joint, move the barbell down, and place it to the deepest position, breathe hard, straighten the arm, and then straighten the arm. At the time, slow down and straighten the elbow joint slowly, and then repeat the exercise.

  Sitting arm flexion and extension frequency and time

  Seated arm flexion and extension exercises are only suitable for moderate-intensity exercises, so each exercise is 4-6 groups, and each group exercises 8-12 times.

  Seated arm flexion and extension matters needing attention

  The first point is to always pay attention to the sensation of the elbow joint, especially when you first practice sitting arm flexion and extension, the elbow joint is very easy to be injured. When you feel a lot of pressure on your elbow joint, you should stop and rest immediately before practicing. The second point is that the direction of the elbow joint must be kept in a forward position whether it is exerting force or restoring. Otherwise, not only can the triceps brachii muscle be not exercised, it will also easily cause elbow joint damage. The third is that the position of the head should be stable. It is easy for the neck muscles to take advantage of the force when exerting force. Since the neck bears limited pressure, if the neck is overly distributed, it will cause cervical sprain.