Cool, my favorite new electric shaker bottle. No more protein shakes with a martini shaker!

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  What a cool product! I always buy the regular protein shaker, which doesn’t mix my protein shakes very well. So I bought this bsst electric shaker bottle and was really interested to see the difference. I was curious to see what the difference would be. The difference is huge!

   I was very surprised when I first found this item. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with my purchase, this voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle is easy to use and does not make noise.

  No more annoying glass protein blender bottle stirring noises in my house! This thing makes protein shakes so easy and there’s no risk of thick clumps sliding into your mouth! I love the charging feature and the power it has.

  It’s very neat that this product works right out of the box. I have never seen this portable electric protein shaker bottle before and I am very happy with this purchase.

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Love this electric shaker! Works well and is a great choice.

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