Can I take creatine during fat loss?

  Nowadays, there are many people who want to lose fat, some for weight loss, some to make their body better, if there are auxiliary tools to help, then fat loss is not more smooth, as a result they think of creatine, because creatine can provide energy when people exercise, to help the gym better fat loss, so it has become a magic tool in the hearts of some friends who want to lose fat.

  There are also some friends who feel that creatine is not useful for fat loss and don’t need that at all, and there are many different answers on the internet.

  How to lose fat with creatine

  The biggest physiological role of creatine is to promote the growth of muscle tissue, enhance the vitality of muscle cells, so as to achieve the effect of muscle gain, muscle will increase energy consumption to speed up the body’s accumulated fat into calories, which will achieve the effect of fat loss.

  In the list of nutritional products published by the United States, creatine is a nutritional supplement that has a fat loss effect. So you use creatine in the fat loss period, it will make your fat loss effect more ideal.

  But one thing to note is that creatine will store a lot of water in your muscles, which means you have to endure a period of time and look like you are not losing, although this water storage effect will gradually disappear after a period of time.

  In summary, creatine nonetheless has no effect on fat loss, but can also help you achieve better results.

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