Arrow squat and deep squat which is good which effective

  When it comes to exercise, there are very many different kinds of movements. These different movements are different, and these movements exercise to our body parts are also very different, such as our common arrow squat and squat is similar but not the same, then, arrow squat and squat which is good? Which is effective? Here’s a look at it!

  Arrow squat and deep squat which is good

  In fact, the arrow squat and the deep squat two movements are very similar, but there are differences, arrow squat is more like an arrow squat hip and leg integrated training movements, the practice of hip and leg training are very effective, while the deep squat is more inclined to the exercise of the legs. So to say which is good, in fact, it is difficult to choose, but the arrow squat really can exercise to more parts, so it is more recommended that you choose the arrow squat.

  Arrow squat standard action

  1. natural standing, hands crossed or on top of the head, eyes forward, chin slightly closed, abdominal tightening, keep the torso straight.

  2. exit the left foot back a step, keeping the right foot and knee in a straight line.

  3. Bend the right leg until the thigh is parallel to the ground.

  4. Hold the above position for 2 seconds, then slowly rise back to the initial position, and so on for 15 times, then switch legs.

  Unarmed deep squat standard action

  1. legs open and shoulder-width apart, in the outer eight, hands on both sides of the body, palms on the thighs, straighten the back, tighten the abdomen.

  2. bend the knees squat, imagine that there is a bench behind the buttocks to sit on, elbows at the knees (or even arms flat and parallel to the ground), keep the knees not more than the toes, squat as deep as you can, stop 5 seconds. The process to keep the arms flat, straight back, with the waist and abdominal and leg strength to control the body slowly squat.

  3. thighs upward, back to the preparation action.

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