Are you still doing fitness exercises? Fitness must be scientific, you should not waste your time

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  When you first started to get involved with fitness, no one will be confused. The arrangement of the fitness plan is even more confused. Maybe we choose to find fitness tutorials on the Internet, but we must be cautious. There are too many fitness rumors on the Internet. If you If you choose the wrong direction, you may be wasting your time in vain. Today, I will take stock of some of the things in the fitness circle. I hope it will help you.

  Discussion point 1: How to learn fitness knowledge online?

  First of all, there are no shortcuts to fitness. You need your sweat and perseverance to get a good figure. So when learning knowledge online, it is best to listen to tutorials such as a few days of fast-track. It doesn’t take into account that everyone’s actual situation is different, it just generalizes.

 Point 1: Knowledge collection should be reasonable

  When we are doing online learning, it is best to choose more well-known UP hosts in the fitness circle. Their updated videos or text tutorials are more scientific and reasonable, and they can even arrange different arrangements for us at different stages. At the same time, we must learn more, read more and practice more. Don’t put aside the included explanations and practice without reading them. The first time we see is only the surface, we have to gradually see the details to be considered high Quality learning.

  Point two: the scope of learning should be wide

  When learning, you can’t just look at the parts or movements you’re interested in. Every part of our body needs to be scientifically exercised. Abandoning any part of the exercise will have an impact on our body, so we must correct ourselves. The concept of knowledge expands the scope of knowledge to be learned.

  Summary: Online learning is nothing more than rationality. Good practice comes from a rich theoretical foundation as a prerequisite, so you will be extra serious when learning theoretical knowledge.

  Discussion point 2: Do it yourself or ask for a private tutor?

  This question is that every person who enters the gym has hesitated to practice by himself or ask for personal training? Let me give you an analysis from three aspects as to how to choose:

  The first point: evaluate whether you are a self-disciplined person

  If you are a very self-disciplined person who can stick to your own exercise plan and fitness, then choose to exercise by yourself. At that time, you only need to consider the fitness plan and effect analysis; if you are not a self-disciplined person People need to be supervised and supervised to do everything. It is recommended that you still ask for private tutors, because private tutors need to purchase class hours, and the exercise cycle is customized in advance, and your own personal trainer will always urge you to exercise.

  The second point: consider your own financial ability

  For most fitness enthusiasts, when choosing a personal trainer, they should consider the cost of the personal trainer. More often, we choose to exercise on our own. It is not that we do not want to hire a personal trainer, but the cost of the personal trainer. Too high. If you feel that your financial ability is still possible, please ask a personal trainer to help yourself exercise; if it is more difficult to ask for a personal trainer, then there is no need to ask for a personal trainer, you have to pay more for the learning of knowledge Hard work.

  The third point: Look at your fitness intention and stage

  More of us go to fitness, maybe just to stay healthy, if we can make the figure a little more in shape, then it will be better, so the demand for fitness coaches is not great, if we are running for a good body Yes, if all conditions permit, private tutoring can help you avoid a lot of detours; at the same time, you should also analyze your own fitness stage. If it is the initial stage, you need to master the exercise method. The precipitation of time does not require private tutoring.

  To sum up: For fitness, the effect is often more dependent on your attitude towards fitness. It is not that the way of exercising is wrong, nor is it not enough time, but our attitude is not correct, so we need to exercise. Ask yourself more.

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