2021 U.S. water bottle shaker brand ranking

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  In the United States, which pursues a market economy, even behind the ubiquitous Shaker Bottle, there is a huge market and fierce competition. According to the latest report released by the American marketing company IRI, Bian Xiao counted a series of American water bottle shaker brands in 2017. Today, let’s take a look at the top brands and their uniqueness with Bian Xiao.

  1. Contigo enjoy every moment of American life

  Yes, it’s Contigo again. In 2017, the US Shaker Bottle gained its first market share, and its total market share with its sub-brand Bubba was as high as 23%. Not only in the US market, but also in China in the past two years. From the obscurity of the past to countless star dramas of the same paragraph, Contigo has become a true star who loves Shaker bool. In addition, Contigo uses the children’s water bottle shaker as an entry point. Due to its safety and functional advantages, Contigo’s popularity in the domestic mothers circle has rapidly increased, and it has become a popular item that is often out of stock. At the same time, however, more and more water bottle shakers are counterfeiting Contigo. It is no exaggeration to say that in addition to the chef’s door, there are many fakes belonging to Contigo. This also illustrates how popular Contigo is in the domestic market from another angle.

  Contigo’s leading position in the United States is inseparable from the high quality of its products, especially its core competitiveness in straw cups. One touch, one suction, seemingly simple operation, is the embodiment of technology behind it. Not only that, Contigo is constantly developing new ways to drink water, so the Black Technology Longkou Cup was born. In children’s cups, the constantly updated cup patterns are simple and effective.

  2.bubba bubba

  Bubba is located in Chicago, and its water bottle shakers are sold all over the world. Bubba not only sells Shaker Bottle, but is also committed to meeting customer needs for Shaker Bottle.

electric shaker bottle

  Bubba products are mainly divided into thermos cups, travel cups, straw cups, children cups and sports cups. Although it is a group with Contigo, the positioning of the bubba Shaker Bottle is very different from that of the Contigo bottle. Bubba’s Shaker Bottle is relatively strong, masculine, and more in line with American aesthetics.

  3. Private label U.S. business surpasses private label

  In the United States, Shangchao’s leading brands include Wal-Mart and Target, and their market share cannot be underestimated. According to market survey data, the market share of Shangchao’s own brand is as high as 15%. This new statistic reduces the share of other brands and also shows the fierce competition in the US water bottle shaker market. Private brands generally have lower prices and will attract people who don’t have special requirements for Shaker Bottle. However, with the upgrading of consumption, more and more people begin to pay attention to the quality and function of water bottle shaker, and more and more people will choose water bottle shaker according to their brand and quality. 4.voltrx electric water bottle shaker

  Voltrx’s market share is close to 5%. Most of its products are designed for fitness enthusiasts, the most famous of which is the electric water bottle shaker with patented mixing ball. It can be said that voltrx is the founder of the gym electric water bottle shaker.

  As a professional water bottle shaker for American gyms, Blenderbottle is committed to designing and manufacturing innovative and high-quality products for global fitness athletes, and solves the problem of uneven mixing when many fitness people brew protein powder. However, this also limits the scope of consumer groups. Consumers are trapped in “sports only”.

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