VOLTRX Gallium Electric Shaker Bottles Orange

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A Shake to Stir Revolution: Before VOLTRX transformed the shaker industry, a steel wire ball shaker bottle that produced a clanging noise and cleaning nightmares was the only solution to reducing caking. Now the clumping, noise, and cleaning hassles are annihilated by VOLTRX’s patented technology.

Blend SQUASHED Banana In: Thanks to the powerful base, you can now add SQUASHED bananas to your drink. Gallium electric shaker bottle quickly blends the SQUASHED bananas and liquid together to deliver a smooth drink.

15 Seconds To Smooth: The VOLTRX Gallium electric protein shaker bottle uses a powerful 6000rpm motor with a patent blade design and patent transmission structure design, allowing protein powder to dissolve in liquid within 15 seconds. Brace yourself for the silkiest, smoothest shakes imaginable!

Airtight & Watertight: VOLTRX Gallium electric shaker cup feature the most reliable screw-on top design so that every drop stays in the cup and won’t make a mess. Pack the Gallium electric mixer cup in your gym bag with total confidence.

Perfect Size: The 24oz/700ml (marking goes to 20oz/600ml) size is not too bulky and able to mix 16oz (480ml) of liquid and 3 scoops of powder with ease! Perfect for even the biggest bodybuilders.


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VOLTRX Gallium Electric Shaker Bottles
VOLTRX Gallium Electric Shaker Bottles
VOLTRX Gallium Electric Shaker Bottles
VOLTRX Gallium Electric Shaker Bottles
VOLTRX Gallium Electric Shaker Bottles
VOLTRX Gallium Electric Shaker Bottles
VOLTRX Gallium Electric Shaker Bottles

What’s in the Box

What’s in the Box

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55 reviews for VOLTRX Gallium Electric Shaker Bottles Orange

Based on 55 reviews
  1. Hannah (verified owner)

    Doesn’t hold smell, still works and great for my shakes

  2. William (verified owner)

    I used this with just milk and protein powder. For my first time there were chunks of the powder stuck to the bottle, but you can’t beat the quietness of the machine. It really makes the rest of the drink smooth. I will keep using it and will get better at it. I like this blender.

  3. Jackson (verified owner)

    This works well in mixing powders but since the blades are cheap plastic, do NOT try to mix in any fruit.

  4. Wyatt (verified owner)

    I’ve had this bottle for over a year now. It’s been going great and I honestly wouldn’t want to be without it.Been using the VoltRx bottle for protein shakes, herbal powders like Moringa, and even just as a water bottle sometimes. No problems at all. The battery lasts for a little over a week, then I have to recharge and that’s excellent for me.The only thing I wish is for the battery base to have had a feature to be able to stay on the bottle if we wanted it to. But no big deal.

  5. Andrew (verified owner)

    It blends pretty good, great for the gym protein.

    Video #1 from Andrew
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