Drinking bottles for sports VOLTRX – COLORED BASE (BLACK)

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The End of Clumps: The Drinking bottles for sports is the next generation of wellness technology that is strong enough to blast away any clumps and turn your protein shake into a silky smooth moment of indulgence every time.

Easy Clean: Simply rinse your Drinking bottles for sports self stirring protein shaker under the tap without worrying about getting the base wet. Better still, you can switch on the self stirring protein shaker under running water for faster cleaning.

Stunning Colors: Drinking bottles for sports Limited features a colorful light up base that illuminates the cup and turns your shake whatever color you wish while blending.

For Thicker Powders: Engineered to easily blend 14oz (450ml) of milk or water and up to 5 scoops of powder, the Drinking bottles for sports USB C rechargeable vortex cup mixer is the perfect solution for silky smooth shakes every time.

What’s Included:

  • — Drinking bottles for sports
  • — Charging USB C power cord
  • — 12-month warranty
  • — World class customer service from a team of VOLTRX experts

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