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  If you want to start a sports trip, but are worried about making mistakes, please rest assured, you are not alone!

  Qualified personal trainer Jonathan outlines five common practice mistakes and explains how to avoid them.

  not preheated properly

  Ignoring the warm-up phase of exercise is a mistake that many people often make during exercise.

  Nowadays, many of us work at our desks, or we don’t have physically demanding jobs. Therefore, it is important to warm up before exercise and prepare for exercise or exercise. Warm up before exercising, and then draw blood! This in turn can deliver oxygen to your muscles, reduce the risk of injury, and actually improve your athletic performance.

  Warming up is an important stage of exercise because it prepares you for the next exercise.

  You can follow the steps below to help you warm up:

  preheat at least 5-10 minutes

  includes exercise or activity that increases blood flow.

  try to increase your core temperature (keep working hard!)

  Use all muscle groups, not just the muscles targeted for exercise.

  Use mobility exercises.

  It is important to use dynamic stretching during preheating. Dynamic stretching refers to any stretching performed by exercise. In other words, individuals use controlled swing or bouncing movements to expand their range of motion and flexibility.

  Dynamic stretching not only warms you up, but also increases the movement and flexibility of muscles and joints. [2, 3, 4] A win-win situation!


  this is very simple. In some cases, too fast or too much exercise can lead to exhaustion or injury.

  It’s easy to think that if you don’t push yourself as hard as you can, you won’t make any progress. The key is to find balance. Efforts to improve yourself are good for muscle growth and development, but it is also important to give your body enough rest and recovery time.

  How do you know if you are doing too much?

  Breathe hard-you cannot breathe during exercise, but if you breathe too much during exercise, it means excessive exercise. When resting or pausing, wheezing should slow down within 60 seconds.

  Disease-Disease is a way our body tells us to slow down. prompt!

  Changes in sleep-We have heard that exercise can help us sleep better, but in fact, too much exercise or exercise can actually be harmful to our sleep. If you find that this happens to you, you need to reassess it.

  Persistent pain or joint pain-our training is to believe that delayed onset of DOMS or muscle soreness is usually a sign of progress! Although this may be true, it is important to understand your body and when you have learned enough . Don’t exchange potential damage for benefits!

  don’t plan ahead

  John (Johnson) said that he often sees among beginners that not planning ahead will waste your time, motivation and progress.

  He suggested starting with the planned exercise. Try to plan for this week’s training, such as when to do strength training or aerobic exercise, and when to do some form of active recovery.

  Remember, if you are not ready, be prepared for failure. If you don’t know where to start, you can go to our article “Top Ten Best Practices for Beginners” to get a free downloadable exercise plan.

  format is incorrect

  The wrong format is a common mistake that affects beginners and professionals.

  If we don’t use the correct form, then we actually don’t even exercise the muscle groups we want. In any part of the body, having the right form and skills is essential to ensure that you are exercising the specific muscle groups you want to develop and grow.

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  But more importantly, in many cases, backward technology or improper exercise methods can lead to injuries.

  Seek help from a coach or personal trainer to reduce the risk of injury. This will teach you the correct form and skills to minimize the risk of injury and maximize the impact.

  expect immediate results

  Lose 10 pounds in two weeks! You can wear a set of clothes in one week. Get the body you dream of right away.

  From tea to fad diet, we are used to losing weight is a fast process. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Of course, if you consume 500 calories a day and exercise three times a day, you may lose weight. But is this sustainable? It will be a resounding “no”.

  When it comes to fitness, the key is time, effort and persistence. Forget the “immediate” results and focus on developing long-lasting, healthy habits that are good for you.

  Let this happen. Stick to your plan, set aside the time and energy you need, and you can achieve your goals.


  Work hard and be patient with the results. There will be good days and bad days in the gym, we all have. Keep working hard, you will get a stronger body and more flexible thinking!