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  I am skeptical of Shaker Bottle without mixing tools. My suspicion was rejected. Voltrx is the most advanced Shaker Bottle, easy to clean, no leakage, no rebound! Excellent work! If you want a good Shaker Bottle instead of throwing it away every few months, don’t miss it! Yes, before exercise Mixed with light food, yes, mixed with heavy things such as milk and protein, both of which are better than other Shaker Bottles I have used.

glitter shaker bottle

  I am a loyal supporter of products made in China, which are practical and reasonably priced. It can be stirred with any other stirring bottle, no protein shaker bottle is needed. It is easy to clean (I prefer handwork), the lid can be locked to blend, or it can be fully opened for drinking. I am also a fanatic, and like to shape the volume lines into visas painted on the vase, which will not last long.

  A simple product can do its job. I think everyone who buys seasoning bottles should support voltrx.